Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2013, Pages 1-50 

Short Communication

Is Esophageal Atresia a Natural Way of Fasting?

Pages 41-42

Ahmad Shah Farhat; Mohammad Amin Kerachian

Review Article

Concept and Canons of Fasting in Ayurveda

Pages 37-40

H Shripathi Adiga; Ramya S Adiga

Research Paper

Islamic Fasting and Diabetes

Pages 1-5

Fereidoun Azizi

Fasting Consequences during Ramadan on Lipid Profile and Dietary Patterns

Pages 6-12

Sondos Pirsaheb; Yahya Pasdar; Seied Jafar Navabi; Mansour Rezaei; Mitra Darbandi; Parisa Niazi

Evaluation of Ocular Accommodation, Convergence and Fusional Vergence Changes during Ramadan

Pages 13-18

Seyed Hosein Hoseini-Yazdi; Ebrahim Jafarzadehpur; Ali Mirzajani; Mohsen Nematy

Changes in Dietary Intake during Ramadan in North East of Iran Population

Pages 19-22

Neda Shalaei; Atoosa Motaghedi Larijani; Seyed Amir Reza Mohajeri; Abdolreza Norouzy; Mohsen Nematy; Faezeh Sheikhol Vaezin; Faeze Jahandoost; Mohammad Safarian

Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Spirometric Values and Clinical Symptoms in Asthmatic Patients

Pages 23-27

Abdolreza Norouzy; Rahil Karimirad; Zeynab Sabety Baygi; Mahnaz Amini; Davood Attaran; Seyed Mohammad Reza Mohajeri; Seyed Amir Reza Mohajeri; Mohsen Nematy

Influence of Sahour Meal on Exercise Performance and Physiological Responses in Well-Trained Muslim Runners during Ramadan

Pages 28-37

Goh Kok Wei; Albert Tan Yi Wey; Ang Boon Suen; Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed; Rabindarjeet Singh